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            1. 深圳市簡芯科技有限公司

              發布時間:2019-02-25 瀏覽次數:1550次

              Background and challenges

              With the refinement of court management, judges are already at full capacity. The current court trial equipment and operation methods can no longer meet the needs of the trial, and it is difficult to reflect the efficiency and standard of the trial work. Therefore, the informatization of the trial system must be accelerated Process to enhance the credibility of court trials.

              In response to this phenomenon, Gaozhi Science and Technology has proposed a set of high-definition digital court trial system solutions based on the "People's Court Trial Court Informatization Construction Specifications" and other relevant regulations issued by the Supreme People's Court. Combined with modern scientific and technological methods, the court's informatization system for business applications such as court records, evidence display, online remote interrogation, and live video on demand is realized.

              The high-definition digital court trial system of the People's Court is based on the dedicated court digital court trial system platform software. A high-definition network camera is deployed in the court to collect video data of participants at the trial site. The microphone collects audio signals and inputs them to the high-definition trial host through a smart mixer Using voice incentives to achieve switching between large and small video screens, and deploying a set of streaming media servers to forward audio and video data, real-time live broadcast and on-demand services during the court trial process. The introduction of a remote trial system, combined with the court's private network, enables remote court trials and remotely displayed evidence to testify, and realizes real-time two-way transmission of image and voice interaction.20160524095146404640.jpg

              Programme highlights

              The design of the system starts from meeting the specific needs of the court to carry out the trial work, and provides comprehensive solutions and business consulting services for the construction of high-definition digital trial system with advanced technical means and business management mode.

              ?The content of the system construction is clear: the scheme shows the design content of the trial system intuitively and vividly in the way of combination of pictures and texts, and shows the functions that the trial system can realize in detail, and designs the system closely in combination with the trial business;

              Perfect court trial business management: the system makes synchronous recording and video recording for the court trial process, completely records the information of the court trial related personnel, video and audio recording, electronic recording, etc., and orderly manages the court trial data, delicately controls the authority of the personnel, and automatically associates the multiple trial data of the same case;

              The court video network is clear: the court video collection uses the self-developed high-definition network integrated camera and embedded ball machine, which is distributed over a long distance, convenient and flexible in application;

              High integration of system management: the system integrates the controller and equipment of the trial host, controls all equipment centrally on the unified user platform, realizes the adjustment and switch of lighting, sound, curtain and other equipment in the court, and realizes the audio and video control by combining the voice incentive technology;

              Information transmission interconnection: provide networking interface with court trial equipment of other manufacturers, call audio and video data of court trial, and connect with the platform of superior departments through the court's special network, so as to realize the interconnection effect of "upper and lower level interconnection" and "multi system cascade".